Unfortunately something happened to both my GoPros during my motos and I have no footage from me racing in the Pro Am Runabout Stock Class. However, I did record some footage of several of the Freestyle guys from the announcing tower. Let me say that Lee Stone stepped it up a few notches this year… and is awesome!

2014 IJSBA World Finals

2014 World Finals Grocery Getter

So the 2014 IJSBA World Finals (my second time attending and racing) was eventful, successful and a great experience once again. We left from Tampa at about 6am on Tuesday anticipating arriving in Vegas. Once we got there we met up with Pete Kucinski, grabbed our rental car (grocery getter) and started our journey through the the desert to Lake Havasu City, AZ. I really slept most of the way, but did wake up just long enough enjoy the highway whoops section at a 110, followed by Trisha puking on the side of the desolate road!

Optima Racing Pits at 2014 World Finals

Wednesday was our first full day there a most of the day was taken up by registration, getting the boats out of the Optima Racing rig getting gear around and testing. I didn’t race until Saturday morning, so the middle of the week was filled with visiting vendors alley catching up with everyone face to face and fixing a few issues I had with my Yamaha FZR.

One of those issues required me robbing a part off the RIVA Racing FZR motor that was on display in their booth! Luckily Dave and the RIVA Crew were there on site to help me out, and help get my boat ready for Saturday.

404 Yamaha FZR Stuck in Optima Racing Rig

My 2014 race season has been full of surprises (most of them not good or conducive to finishing motos) and Saturday morning, just a couple hours prior to practice, was no exception. Friday night the lift gate on the back of the Optima Racing semi… broke! My boat was stuck about 10 feet in the air inside the rig. All I can say is I picked one of the best guys in the industry to transport my boat to Havasu for me! Mike, owner of Optima Racing stressed and worried until my boat was on the ground and ready to go Saturday morning. I can not thank him enough for all the hard work he, and everyone did all week. The race family, and it’s genuine love for racing and the people in it is one of the best parts of this sport.

Saturday, my boat made it down on the ground, made it to the water and was ripping. The cold water out there made everything scream! Although I was still having an issue with the ECU on my FZR during my motos I managed to get a 9th place finish in Pro Am Runabout Stock! A top 10 in the world, my third season racing personal watercraft… I’ll take it!!!

I want to give a big thanks you to my sponsors for supported my addiction this season: Yamaha Waverunners, RIVA Racing, Dean’s Team, Blacktip Jetsports, Exotic Signs, StreetModa, The Hydrocross Tour, Kaotik Products, with special thanks to Bad Bo and Troy Snyder.

I had a great time in Havasu for the World Finals this year + more fun in Vegas for the couple days that followed!