First… huge thanks to my sponsors Blacktip Jetsports, 10320511_10205550737602101_5604447227585299615_nWatercraftsuperstore, Exotic Signs, RIVA Racing and Clay Barbee (CB Racing) owner on my ride a 2013 Yamaha VXR affectionately know as the “Barbee Dream Boat” for helping to make my 2015 season possible!

The big three PWC manufacturers were all on sight for the 2015 P1 Aqua X opener in Daytona Beach, Florida. The Aqua X series is successful, growing and is going to draw the best of the best riders this season!

pitsWith the factories in attendance, and most notably Yamaha and Sea-Doo, there were a handful of factory supported riders littered through the 80+ riders in the pits. I want to say the factory guys deserve the credit they receive. Some of these guys have been racing almost their entire lives, train and ride A LOT!

This weekend I competed against two factory guys in the 200 Class, on a stock 2 year old Yamaha VXR and placed right behind them. As a self proclaimed privateer, I was proud to be in the 3rd spot and round out a podiumfull Yamaha 200 Class podium. Like the factory guys, I train and ride every week to prepare for any given weekend, do my best to pick the best lines around the course and clamp the throttle to the grip more often than not. I have my mission, am reaching for the top of the podium, and know in my own head that I literally have more speed at my fingertip!

As we all look towards the Jacksonville, FL. round in June, which riders will be the ones pushing themselves and their machines to the absolute hilt, able to physically withstand three 30+ minute motos, and which riders will be the ones chatting about unfair treatment and advantage?

P1 Aqua X is doing a great job to level the playing field… are you asking yourself how much YOU are giving to step YOU up to the next level and win?

Have fun! Ride it like you stole it! Compete and Repeat!

Thank you Kurt “Harlem Shake” NgSaye and Jay Anthony for the great photos!

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