So, the love of my life and the best guy ever 🙂 finally broke down and let me add a PWC of MY choice to the family in 2013. After looking around at my options I thought the new Sea- Doo Spark fit me best. Late in 2013 we went to Action Sea-Doo in Bradenton and picked up one of the first Sparks available. Affectionately known as “Storm Trooper” he is a Vanilla 3 up 2014 Spark with the convenience package without reverse.

Even though sometimes it is difficult to keep him from jumping on my Spark and doing something ridiculous, having him around does have it’s benefits sometimes. One Brent’s new sponsors for 2014, Blacktip Jetsports fitted Storm Trooper with some of the coolest new gear on the market… their Elite Series custom traction mats and seat cover!

One of my favorite colors is bright green. Blacktip custom made black and green mats with the spark deck pattern carved in them, and a custom white and green seat cover for me that is reminiscent of something you would find in a luxury car!

Here are some pics of Storm Trooper looking hot! Check out Blacktip Jetsports Elite Series traction mats and sear covers for your personal watercraft and boat on the Watercraft Superstore website.

Thanks Blacktip… Brent might make me start racing it now! 😉

We are proud to announce our complete new BlackTip Jetsports Elite line of products. The Elite line consists of Traction Mats, Seat Covers, Jet Boat Traction Mats and Handlebar Covers. The Elite traction mats are like no other mats on the market today, these innovative mats come in more patterns and colors then anything the industry has ever seen. John Salvatore, general manager of WCSS states, ” we have over 500 different color and design combinations to choose from. With this many choices every customer can truly make their ski their own”. Salvatore continues, ” with the new Elite seat covers customers will be able to choose from over 30 colors and textures of vinyl as well as their choice of stitching color. The Elite seat covers will have a layer of additional padding and custom accent stitching to highlight the design.”

The entire Elite Series will be made from the same high quality material that BlackTip Jetsports is known for. All mat kits including jet boats will come standard with our proprietary PSA to make installation a breeze. For those customers who’s old seat has some damage or cracks the new Elite seat covers with the extra padding will help to hide those blemishes.

Refresh your cracked or ripped jet ski seat with a new custom Blacktip Jetsports Seat Cover from Watercraft Superstore. Add that custom look for a very reasonable price using one of our many choices of color, fabric and design. The only tools required to install are a staple gun and possibly a hair dryer to warm the vinyl if it is not warm enough outside. We recommend using stainless steel staples. They will last longer in the harsh environment under the jet ski seat.

Watercraft Superstore now offers both Custom and Standard Blacktip Jetsports seat covers, with a variety of color options and styles to make your ski looks it’s best!

Our program allows you to see the pattern on-line and create your own color scheme for your brand new Blacktip Jetsports seat cover. The cover is made from high grade marine vinyl and designed to last for years. The many individual panels provide for a tight, custom fit.

Check out our new selection of Blacktip Jetsports Standard Seat Covers and Mats

BlackTipJetsports Custom Seat Covers offered by the Watercraft Superstore include: