The 2014 season has been a series of ups and downs for me, and a race series full of learning what to expect competing in the Pro ranks as a privateer. Although I am out of the points race for a championship spot on the podium, I love the opportunity to compete against some of the best, most experienced racers in the world… always!

The Charleston WV. National Championships this weekend will be a great precursor to the 2014 IJSBA World Finals with only the Aqua X race in Cocoa between WV. and Havasu. With my Yamaha FZR SVHO dialed in, thanks to Troy Snyder’s mechanic Bad Bo and Dean’s Team Dean Cherrier, my momentum is building and I am looking forward to finishing the season on a strong note.

Charleston WV. always seems to be the race where tensions run high, with the championship points hanging in the balance. With the possibility of Yamaha taking all three championship podium spots, and Eric Francis attempting to fend them all off, I can not wait to be a part of the mix aboard my Yamaha! I am sure this weekend will be full of great race drama due to the tension and followed by the much anticipated release of the Golden Circle tour wrap up party Sunday night… most likely in the hotel parking lot.

Unfortunately, I missed two rounds on the National Tour this season due to some unforeseen circumstances. But, I have the best sponsors including Yamaha, Dean’s Team, Blacktip Jetsports, RIVA,,, Kaotik Products  behind me. Directly because of their support, I will be back in the race family fold this coming weekend on the road to Lake Havasu World Finals, with a possible stop in Cocoa Beach for Aqua X aboard Clay Barbee’s Yamaha. I can not stress enough how much their support has meant!!!

See everyone in Charleston!