First I want to give the Pro Watercross Tour Officials and Staff their props; they made this race happen in the face of major obstacles, all stemming from overhead swell and just GNARLY conditions!

Living in Florida I have ridden many times in storm surge (offshore hurricanes) and I have to say I have not experienced, let alone raced in, conditions this wicked until this weekend. This is my 3rd season racing waverunners, so I do not have the experience that most of my friends on the tour do, and for me finishing the race in one piece with my Yamaha FZR still in one piece was challenging.

Standing on the beach looking at the race course, on the far right side after the front straight that ran parallel to the beach there was a left hand turn directly into the breaking surf. If you were lucky (part skill, part timing and part just luck) you only hit a few overhead breaks, walls and swells headed down the right side straight. After hitting the left hand turn at the end of the straight and heading across the back of the course, you got to relax a little with rolling swells coming in from the right. But once you hit the next left and headed towards shore and the front straight, you had to negotiate the back of the breaking surf that sometimes left you dropping into a left hand turn off 5 foot + walls.

The whole weekend was pretty intense and I lost count of the number of watercraft (including the course marshals) that ended up upside down getting beat up in the surf or sinking… on Saturday!

So I made it through, in one piece! The Wolf Pack and the Race Family, my sponsors and I all teamed up the entire weekend to help each other make it in and out of the water, hold at the starting line and to make sure we all made it out alive lol. Thank you… Eric Logopoulos, Jason Russo, Clay Barbee, Dylan, Mike and Leann Osborn, Trevor, Sean Hagen, Kevin Sullivan, Jeff Dyckowski, Kirk Britto, Trisha King, Dean Cherrier, Ronny Mac, Mama Ratti and Pro Rider Magazine… my Sponsors: Yamaha,, Blacktip Jetsports, Dean’s Team, RIVA Racing,, Kaotik Racing, Hydrocross Tour and

Thanks again everyone and see you next week in Panama City Beach, FL.