First I want to say (as if Aqua X needs or wants it) I approve! With 60+ skis on the line… now we are racing, or as my German Great Grandmother used to say “Now we’re cooking with gas!”

P1 Aqua X, Jacksonville, FL 250 and 200 lines

Not only is racing with ALL your friends fun but with all those boats on the water it feeds my competitive nature the entire moto. Which by the way, get pretty long when the conditions are rough.

Another effect of having all three classes together on the course at once is that it brings into play long term strategies. Since I am racing the 200 class this season, after a few laps the faster classes start coming around to pass. This creates the opportunity for me to settle into my groove, study my next passing victim and wait for the confusion of the 300s lapping us to ensue!

P1 Aqua X Start, jet ski and PWC racing in Jacksonville, FL

This past weekend was actually a little out of the ordinary from what I have seen from the Aqua X Series. Let me first say I do NOT think any of it was their fault! There was a little carnage on the race course, which fortunately did not end with any major injuries to the riders. However, afterwards the Rookie riders were complaining about the Experts and there were a few complaints from the Expert riders about the Rookies.

I have three short comments…

1. PWC Racing is a motorsport. As in all motorsports, being the fastest is the goal and there is going to be some mishaps and wrecks from time to time. Why else would anyone watch Nascar?

2. Rubbin’ is Racin’ is a popular saying because sometimes it is!

3. It Ain’t no Poker Run! We are not out there collecting cards at each buoy or grabbing lunch at the dock. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I race to compete and competition IS the fun! If I wanted to just ‘have fun’ on my Waverunner I would go five minutes from my home and cruise around the islands, take a trip to Bimini and back or… just go on a Poker Run.

I do have two suggestion: I think it should be stressed to the Rookie riders to HOLD YOUR LINE going into the corners and to also be aware of who is coming up behind you before making a sudden unpredictable move!

Blacktip Elite custom mats and Seat Cover on my Yamaha VXR

Big Thanks go out to my sponsors for helping me do what I do and making this season possible… Blacktip Jetsports, WatercraftSuperstore, Clay Barbee and CB RacingExotic Signs, RIVA Racing… it is shaping up to be a good one and very interesting!

‘Grind Hard’ & Ride ’em like you stole ’em!

Brent Venderley #404