I made it!!!
I actually made it to the last race of the 2015 U.S. watercraft racing season without the trailer or truck breaking down, exploding or having to limp my rig into the pits. Once Iarrived, my ski actually still ran, the entire weekend, and I stayed on it for every moto! The race Gods were with me!

P1 Aqua X put on a great race in Tavares, FL. The racing was delayed briefly by the unfortunate accident involving Chris Leo. I am happy to say Chris and his family are doing well as he is on his way to a speedy/full recovery. I am looking forward to seeing him back competing in 2016 and the returning to the “Seaplane City.”

As for my results… I finished 8th in the first moto and initially 3rd in the second moto until another racer protested the start and I was officially penalized two positions. It seems using vague rules in the official rule book is a winning strategy in the eyes of some racers when it benefits them; if you do not do well on the race course, you come in, throw a fit in the pits and wait for the officials to overturn the results!

Not once, not never was there one rider (including myself) in all my years of motocross that complained about another rider taking their line. As a matter of fact, whomever would bitch “you took my line” would pretty much be called just that. I have been so close to the guy next to me I used him to balance myself from the starting gate to the first turn, my front wheel has been “rubbed” by the back wheel of the guy blocking me in the corner and I have gone up the face of a jump with my bars almost interlocked with another rider… nothing never, not one complaint! But, I guess strategy is strategy and you use every advantage you can to get the win right? It looks like I need to tweak my strategy… but I digress.

I love racing PWCs, and in every sport there are always rules that need to be tweaked as that sport progresses. This year there was a lot of change with the popularity of P1 Aqua X and the Pro Watercross Tour in closed course, and I am excited to see what the 2016 season has in store!

Time to get a fresh ski, get back to training and testing and get a fresh outlook via a little fun time on the water over the winter! I’ll be back on the hunt in 2016!!!

Special thanks to those that supported me this past season, I appreciate you all greatly…

Watercraft Superstore

Blacktip Jetsports

Exotic Signs

RIVA Racing Crew

Action Kawasaki Yamaha, Bradenton, FL.

Clay Barbee Racing, Carrie Sinwelski, Bryan Simpson, Dean Charrier, Bo Dupriest, Troy Snyder, Paul Jordan, Rob Greenwald, Dylan and the Osborn Family, Ronny McHenry, Kurt Ngsaye, and last but not least… my vampire in crime Trisha King!

“Ride It Like You Stole It”


Photos by RonnyMac.com, Kurt Ngsaye and Brent Venderley